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Unfortunately, there are tons of terrible reviews on every home builder I look into. So it's almost like we're stuck going with the best of the worst.

Which is almost impossible to figure out which is actually the best of the worst. We were going to buy a Sandlin home. We picked $15,000 worth of upgrades, as stated and signed off on in our contract, during the slab and frame stage. So it was still way in advance.

The changes were provided to the builder. However, once the time came to put in these items, most were the original (non-upgraded) items. But the cost of the upgrades was already rolled into the mortgage. No one told us and we had to realize it on our own just days before closing.

We refused to close unless they honored what was in our signed contract. All the builder wanted to do was put the blame on someone else and says he never received the paperwork with the upgrades. Even through we were directly told by the Design Gallery that it was all provided to him. Anyway, they came back saying they would give us a $500 credit to take the house as is.

No thank you!! We took the time to customize how we wanted OUR house to be and WILL NOT purchase it unless the wrongs are made right. They couldn't even bother to negotiate with us and fix some of the stuff.

Looking at DR Horton now, but they have just as terrible reviews. :(

Product or Service Mentioned: Sandlin Custom Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You were smart to run! I bought their home and was told by Rhett Butler that my inspection report repairs didn’t have to be put on my walk-through report, because it would all be covered and then one year warranty.

Not only was he a liar it took me seven months to finally get him to give me the warranty companies information, because I was tired of his lies. He told me he wouldn’t get his commission check until everything on my inspection report was done then he went as far as telling me that he would pay for it out of his own paycheck liar liar never did anything. He sent one of his maintenance guys out for a day to do some repair painting and fixing some doors that wouldn’t shut properly and they got ruined my exterior doors by taking a chisel and chiseling out the inside of the lock which is around the doors and the warranty company is saying they won’t replace anything that was not on the walk-through report that was done after the fact. They also did not forclose to me until two weeks before closing that the house had roof damage from hail storm several months prior.

They said they were waiting on the check from the insurance company to fix part of the damaged roof, which is strange that a builder can’t afford to fix the roof until a check comes in. Also after I moved in the roof leaked into my granddaughters room and has left rain spots on the walls which has not been repaired either.

You are lucky you walked away!!! But I have turned them into the better business bureau and plan to sue if all else fails!