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My wife and I met with Sandlin Homes Build on Your Own Lot Program in early June 2012. They came across well, and the program seemed solid.

We were excited. A lot of house and amenities for the value. After getting several bids, we chose to go with Sandlin in late June 2012. We worked with Jerrod Goff.

He made continuous promises and commitments to us, but was never willing to put them in writing. Everytime we asked about things, he would lie and say he did not like to respond in writing because he was not a good writer. Mr. Goff, as a representative of Sandlin, even went so far as to explain to us that his job at Sandlin is to be a "professional BS-er." While I was taken back by the comment, he certainly lived up to it, and Sandlin supported him.

After months of my wife and I spending our time and energy, Mr. Goff still had not gotten us a contract. He blamed selection choices and his schedule on the delays, but from late June til early September, we were still unable to get Jerrod Goff to get us a final contract. We had lost 3 1/2 months to his lies.

He made so many promises to us, and simply told us to trust him, but he would never put in writing. After failing to get us a final contract or getting our permit turned in to the City (after his lies and emails saying it was done), we ended up letting them go. Alan Sladek, the VP, called me and said he wanted to earn our business. He seemed legitimate.

After my wife and I cooled down for a couple weeks, I took him up on the deal. He talked very smooth and promised he would "personally" handle things, but once again, he became uncomfortable putting the things that were promised to us in a written contract. After almost another week lost in working with Sandlin, he suddenly emails us out of the blue and says were the difficult ones, and he is not comfortable moving forward and that Sandlin did not wish to move forward. Alan Sladek and Jerrod Goff both are smooth talkers, but DO NOT TRUST them or Sandlin, and DO NOT TRUST your family's home to them.

I personally believe now that they say anything to get you into a vague contract that covers Sandlin well, but potentially really leaves the homeowner with problems and added expenses, as well as cut corners to keep Sandlin's prices down without telling you. I personally believe that Sandlin has lost it's reputation because of lies and not treating customers well. The home we are building (not with Sandlin now, luckily) is over $400K (not much to some, but a lot to others), and I do not think Sandlin knows how to bid or build a true custom home.

My warning to everyone, whether your home is $100K or $1,000,000, is RUN AWAY FROM SANDLIN and DO NOT TRUST any of them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sandlin Custom Homes House Construction.

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You've all convinced me. I saw a Sandlin sign today in far North Fort Worth where they have begun to move dirt.

I was very interested until I read these reviews. Thanks for warning me.


Stay away from Sandlin folks. I don't even want to detail my experience just yet, but it's coming.

If you're dealing with Jerrod Goff at all immediately stop everything and turn away before it's too late.


The Sandlin rep at Mountain Hollow wouldn't even talk to me...he was on the phone and wouldn't get off. I showed myself around the model home and could hear that his phone call was a personal & not a business call.

I never went back. PND


I agree with this post. I had the worst experience with Sandlin Homes over other houses that I have built with other builders.

The contractor and the seller agent never return calls.

They kept pushing back the closing date and it's already been months delay. Customer service is very poor with this company.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #658499

one thing i have to say is this is true to stay off sandlin homes, they don't care their customer, they just want your money, don't make a mistake like us, just run, i wish i know all this before i close on their home, i make a big mistake. i feel like paying for a new home and get the old one.

Bridgeport, Texas, United States #638729

Stay away, they over promise and nothing gets resolved once you purchase. I have several issues with my home and they will not fix them.

I suppose they hope you get tired and just go away. Must be a reason I had two builders quit during my build and the other quit at the end.

Mansfield, Texas, United States #626679

I agree with this post as well. STAY AWAY FROM SANDLIN!!!

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #607489

Totally agree with this post. We bought a Sandlin home and from the very beginning it was nothing but promises that fell empty.

The entire experience was the worst thing my family has ever gone through. Sandlin wrote a contingency that we had to sell our home before they would begin construction and demanded a $10000 deposit. The house was six months delayed. Upgrades were left out of the home.

We were constantly lied to from the sales rep, builder, and owner. We had to constantly babysit our builder to get the construction right. We were forced to close on the home because they refused to give our $10000 back when everything went south. We closed on one of the worst quality homes we have ever lived in.

Poor paint job, poor construction, and when items were mentioned for repair, the repair just made things worse.

If I have two goals in my life it is to get to heaven and to save anyone from buying a Sandlin home. STAY AWAY FROM SANDLIN!!!

to SANDLIN LIES! Irving, Texas, United States #887667

17 Lakes?

Keller, Texas, United States #599631
Sanding can fukoff! :grin
Azle, Texas, United States #590924
:) No one is perfect I suppose, but my recent home purchase with them went good. I have purchased several homes in my lifetime, and my Sandlin home is the best so far
Grapevine, Texas, United States #588997

I just completed a custom home with these folks and everything went well.

to Wrangler Fort Worth, Texas, United States #650036
Wrangler is correct---------I recently moved into my 3rd Sandlin Home and all three experiences were great. :)

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