we were under contract with Sandlin to build us a home. We were very excited it was going to be our first home, we spoke with Eugene Lennox who is the sales person for there mountain creek subdivision but it quickly became a nightmare.

We signed a contract with them which we made the mistake of allowing Eugene to walk us through instead of reading it as we should have. Eugene informed us that we had to pay $500 earnest money upfront and another $2000 when we got loan approval and meet with the builder at the pre construction meeting. Eugene also informed us that we could walk away until the preconstruction meeting but that they would keep half of our earnest money, and after the preconstruction they would keep all $2500. We completed the design center and after being initially denied for loan approval Eugene found someone who would finance us which we were happy about.

I contacted the mortgage company and was advised that our payment would be about $150 more than we wanted to pay for our first home without any upgrades. We went back and spoke to Eugene who told us to think about it and if anything we could choose a smaller home, we thought about it but a smaller home was not what we wanted so we decided to walk away from a contract. Eugene contacted us and told us if that was our decision then that was fine and that Sandlin could but more than likely wouldn't come after us for $5000 for already having obtained building permits. a couple of weeks later we decided to go with a different builder and when we went to the design center Susan from Sandlin saw us and we believe told Eugene who contacted us the very next day saying that Sandlin was coming after us for the $5000 since we went to a different builder.

I understand Sandlin did do some work toward building this new home but $5000 worth just for applying for permits I don't know about that needless to say i will be contacting an attorney to see what i can do if anything. If i have no legal standing i understand its noone but our fault for being so trusting of someone, if i have to pay i have to pay live and learn.

My intentions here is to advise people about Eugene Lennox and his way of doing business which i hope is not how Sandlin Custom Homes does business. By no means am I bashing Sandlin for all i know they could build the best homes in texas but be very very careful when working with Eugene Lennox he'll say whatever he has to to try and get you under contract so if you change your mind they can come after you for $5000, and as soon as you don't want to his true colors come out and becomes very spiteful.

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This mr.Goffs daughter.....not even kidding

Dallas, Texas, United States #643711

We just signed an agreement w Eugene. We are now worried with all these comments listed. Has anyone gotten anywhere with their complaints?

to ***cerned #1121181

How did it go?


It would be beneficial for you to work with a Realtor when building a home. We are professionals.

We work with mortgage companies and the actual Builder. Once you sign a contract with a Sales Rep - their job is DONE. You need someone in YOUR corner every step of the way!

You may find ME on Trulia. MY reputation is EVERYTHING to me.


There is an organization they belong to named CMBc. you can call them for assistance.


Yup, Eugene the rep in Eagle Mountain is a total unprofessional clown. Similar experience as the first poster here.


Hello. My Husband and I are in the same situation.

Sandlin has made so many promises to complete our home. We're still living in construction work. People please speak up out!

I need your voice & participation. Is there any place that we can meet up?


I had a similar problem with Sandlin's sales "professionals" in Grand Prairie and White Settlement. I walked away and decided to stay in my current home rather than build new.

A girlfriend put me in touch with a young man named Chris Sandlin. He's the owner's son, but runs his own building company because he left Sandlin Homes.

He did a gorgeous kitchen remodel for me. I also saw pictures of the homes he builds and I hope to have him build my new home...when the market improves!


Amazing. Sandlin is getting away with murder.

These people need to be sued. A friend bought a home from them and the house is falling apart.

I keep telling her to get an attorney. I'm sure if enough people would get together a civil suit could be filled.


It is not just your sales guy. We have had a similar experience with another sales person in a different subdivision.

We were very trusting as you were and did not use a realtor. The sales person walked us quickly throughout the contract skipped things and told us things that were not true so that we would sign.

They will convince you that you get all kinds of incentives for not using a realtor, but later you find out that the incentives are really just padding their pocketbooks and not really much of incentives at all. Lessons learned from Sandlin Homes: get everything in writing, don't believe the promises the sales people make, the builder is more interested in his pocketbook than you or your satisfaction.

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