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Well, Rhette Butler lied to me over and over again about my warranty on my home...kept making promises to fix things and sent his Workman in to fix a few doors and do some painting and he actually ruined a door that nothing was wrong with...ruined some doors that needed to be fixed as well.....Rhette acted all nice and kept making promise, but was full of crap...also went as far to tell me he wouldn’t get his commission check on my house until he fixed all the repair on my inspection report.....and went even further and said he’d replace the doors out of his pay check..... what a liar !

Finally after 7 months and nothing done that he promised, I was tired of his crap, so demanded his bosses info and finally after several request he gave me the warrant company, who now is worse than him, which says a lot!!! So I turned them into the better business bureau and I suggest everyone do that....it puts public complaints on them and they have to answer though them.... if that doesn’t work I will take them to court.....they need to be shut down as a builder! Horrible builder, horrible warranty company, and horrible employees!

Run people you can find a better home for your money....as for me I will continue to post bad reviews until they honor what they need to fix. And when I see people looking at their homes, I will let them come into my home and see the horrible workmanship! And the letters from their warranty department, which I have copies of printed and ready to hand out, and the text message I sent to Rhette and his response back! No joke, I don’t let people walk over me, I take action!

The problem is people don’t take action and until you do things won’t change! Force them to honor their repairs and warranty. I even hired a second inspector and paid $350 to him to go over the house again 8 months after I moved in and submitted it to Sandlin Homes warranty department and also the one I did before closing and they said they wouldn’t honor a third party inspections report.....well that is what I gave them for my years warranty repairs and they think they can bulley me and tell me it’s not covered because it wasn’t written down on the walk though report....that’s funny because Rhett told me when I did the walked though, I didn’t need to have him write all those repairs down things on my walk through report, because they were covered in the years warranty. These people are crooks!

Run run run!!!!! Just a few pictures, I have so many more!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sandlin Custom Homes Home Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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We bought a Sandlin Home and of course everyone was nice as can be. We went to closing and were told there would be a welcome package with warranty info etc, but the only thing in the envelope was a Sherwin Williams paint ad.

Ha! And we had to wait nearly 3 hours for them to deliver a set of keys to us. And when we got to the house they were showing it! No communication to the salespeople!

They lost a $14,000.+ check for our upgrades, mis-scheduled our closing and made things as difficult for us as possible. The builder/contractor for our house was Troy Carlisle. Very pleasant young man, but lacking in ethics. Said he would email instructions for changing our code on our key-less lock.

That was The first week of May. Not a peep. The noise from the vents has not been rectified and I know it will get worse as the wind picks up this winter. He claims it is an easy fix and he would have someone out to see to it.

Big fib. There were a few little things that he did have someone come see to and he also said we did not have to write everything down on our walkthrough. We are old school and took him at his word. Now we find for every warranty issue we have to send it to them in writing and have it approved.

I'm just glad that he roof that was blown off happened before we closed. It could still be wearing a big blue patch. Oh, one other thing, one outside wall was void of any insulation and we would have been clueless had we not had electrical issues that required the guy to take out the outlets and I could see inside the wall and took photos. It is still without insulation.If I were considering Sandlin for another house, I think I would have to pass.

I am just used to people's word being their bond. I guess in todays get all I can get world, that just does not apply.

Just think twice before using this company. ( Oh, they did send a beautiful floral arrangement, thanking us for our purchase and the warranty epartment sent a basket with goodies, some of which had been opened).