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If you wish to be treated as though the seller is doing you a favor, buy now. If you wish to have things constantly redone and never really done right since Sandlin believes they set your expectations not you, buy now.

If you want to have the houses all around you the exact same floorplan buy now. Where as every other builder I have ever dealt with would never put the same plan regardless of elevation selection within a certain amount of lots in proximity. Not so a Paloma Creek. Apparently the HOA has no restrictions on this either to protect the home owner investment.

Short list of issues during build: -Exterior stone work had to be redone as it was not laid as specified in build sheets -exterior bay window not centered, masonry, drywall, framing all redone -Doors requested to be 36" all 32" and had to be reframed -Kitchen island stone work, 3 times, still looks like *** -Mantle, 8 mantles screwed up. I FIXED THE LAST ONE -Lights not centered in hall way -Island not centered to kitchen so partially in dining space focing table to not be centered to lighting. -Splatter drag texture some of the worse I've seen in owning 3 houses -Art cut in, Eyebrow arch done sub par -HVAC equipment, attic unit looks homemade, not typical to past units owned. Particualry the airhandler/return.

Also some of the loudest I've had.

Never heard the outside unit in my old house. -Numerous other cost cutting measures like the over use of PEX Hose for the plumbing, which is run through the attic = freeze ups during cold snaps.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sandlin Custom Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Pretty much the same experience here. Interesting to see you had same problems as my build, such as rock work, brick work, mantle, placement of lights/switches, rework done improperly requiring more rework.

Things still not fixed as of today and I've been in the house for 6 months. Thanks for posting.